“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

ECO Club

ECO Club


  • The Eco Club is a group of environmentally concerned students working hard to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us.
  • We promote peaceful education and consistent advocacy of reducing our community’s negative impact on the earth.


Faculty Incharge

Ms.K.P.Jamunalakshmi, AP/ECE


ECO Club – Events

S.No. Academic Year

Name of Event

Guest/ Resource Person



No. Of Participants

 1 2016-17 ECO Club Inauguration Prof.R.Sagayavivian , AP/CSE & Prof.R.Vadivel , AP/CSE 09.07.2016 MBA  Block II Floor 40
2 2016-17 Tree Plantation

Dr.K.G.Bhatia,Consultant in Structural Dynamics & Machine Foundation

D-CAD Technologies

22.07.2016 AIT Boys Hostel 28
3 2016-17 Ground cleaning NIL 06.08.2016 AIT Play Ground 30
4 2016-17 Ground cleaning NIL 07.01.2017 AIT Play Ground 15
5 2016-17 Guest lecture on “No food waste”

Mr.Padmanaban Gopalan,

No food waste Organization 

11.02.2017  AIT Auditorium  24
6 2016-17 Field work (Removal of Seemai karuvelam tree) NIL 25.02.2017 Kurumbapalayam 15
7 2017-18 Activity for Identifying location for tree plantation NIL 08.07.2017 MBA Seminar Hall 15


ECO club – Tree Plantation [22.07.2016]




ECO club – Guest Lecture on “No Food Waste” [11.02.2017]



ECO club – “Field Work” [25.02.2017]

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