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India First Leadership Talk Series – Episode 03


India First Leadership Talk Series – Episode 03

By: adithya

April 2, 2019


In the series bringing the best industry leaders for the young minds of the country, this time MIC has invited Shri Ajit Doval ji, National Security Advisor, Government of India and this Third Episode of India First Leadership Talk Series was Live Telecast at Adithya Institute of Technology. 130 Students and 12 staff from various departments attended the programme. Dr.Chitra Manohar, CEO of the institution briefed the purpose of the talk and introduced the guest to the gathering.
According to Ajit ji, Human brain operates almost similarly, the difference is how people respond to situations. Whenever a major/vital decision is taken, there is always a sense of excitement or uncertainty. We should always plan for the worst case scenario and then try to improve it to make the plan affordable. We should come to a point that “Risk must be worth taking”, which requires time, preparation, superior intelligence, technical knowledge and the most important is the contingency plan.
When he was asked a question about his considerations for taking tough decisions, he replied as: Tough decisions are where the consequences affect a large number of people for a long period of time. The steps involved are:
 Have clarity in objectives – keep it as small and as simple
 Do objective analysis
 Take the decision in completely calm/neutral state of mind
 Define the options to achieve the objective
 Select the best option and start preparing for it
According to him, taking the right decision is less important than making the decision right. Only when there are options, a decision can be made and if there is a compulsion then that is not a decision.
Keys for decision making are:
 Have a very strong belief on commitment
 Do things with high spirit
 Don’t have any assumptions
 Have a sense of responsibility to bear consequences
When he was asked a question about future of terrorism, he replied that Intelligence is the prime factor in this 4th generation warfare. Cyber security plays a key role.
When he was asked to advice the younger generation on how to handle future and how to make India a safest place to live, he answered that today’s youth are well informed. They have a good attitude. All they need is to have bigger goals, higher spirit, bigger plan and wider mind.