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MBA – Lab Facilities





                Office automation Packages

                Accounting packages

                Statistical packages

                Operation research packages


S. No. Name of the Journals
1 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance
2 Decision – IIMC
3 Asian Management Review
4 Asian Journal of Management Cases
5 Indian Journal of Finance
6 Finanace India
7 ASCI Journal of Management
8 JIM’s 8M
9 Journal of Economic Policy & Research
10 Journal of Human Values
11 Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise
12 Indian Journal of Training & Development
13 Journal of Social & Economic Development
14 IIMB Management Review
15 Journal of Managerial Finance & Review
16 Indian Journal of Marketing
17 Management & labour Studies
18 Indian Management
19 Prabandan Indian Journal of Management
20 South Asian Journal of Socio Political Studies
21 International Journal of Statistics & Management System
22 Indian Journal of Rural Management
23 Journal of International Economics
24 International Journal of Marketing & Trade Policy
25 International Journal of Business Policy & Economics
26 VISION The Journal of Business Perspective
27 South Asian Journal of Management
28 The IUP Journal of Operations Management
29 Indian Journal of Industrial Relation
30 IUP Journal of Organization Behaviour
31 Journal of Business Management Studies
32 The Management Accountant
33 Vikalpa The Journal for Decision Makers
34 The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development
35 International Management Research Review
36 SMART Journal of Management