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PALS Campus Lecture Series


PALS Campus Lecture Series

By: adithya

February 12, 2019


AIT hosted PALS Campus Lecture Series on 24th Jan 2019 at 10:30 am. Prof.Ganesh L.S, Professor at IIT Madras, Dept of Management Science, gave a thought provoking speech on the topic “What it takes to be a professional”. He shared his experience and motivated students to be responsible, and to develop a strong desire on the profession that is chosen and get expertise in that. Mr.Varadarajan Sridharan, Head of Technology, NTTF, Bangalore, addressed on the topic “How to become employable on any technology”. According to him, Self Learning, Cognitive Thinking, Cultural Competency, Job expertise and Interpersonal Skills are the key to a successful person in professional world.